Release: 2019
Platform: PC, Mac

2016’s Oxenfree wowed us with its spooky tale, well-written characters, and snappy dialogue. Now, developer Night School Studio is working on a new project, titled Afterparty. It looks to have similar aesthetics and a similar focus on narrative, but the story is something altogether different. In Afterparty, you find yourself stuck in Hell with your best friend. The only way to escape is by beating the devil at his own game: drinking. If you can out-drink the devil, that’s your ticket back to the land of the living.


Beyond Blue

Release: 2019
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac

From the creators of platformer Never Alone comes a very different game, called Beyond Blue. In Beyond Blue, you play as Mirai, the lead of a newly formed research team that makes discoveries deep inside the ocean. Your tasks revolve around solving human-made threats like plastic waste and oil spills. Developer E-Line Media partnered with BBC to make the experience feel as real as possible, with an educational tone that teaches you about ocean-related problems as you play.


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